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Hello everyone I wanted to make to keep this brief as you all know as of recently that I had been in talks with another individual who I have worked with previously and owns his own hosting company.

At the moment I do not know if this project will make it off the ground, due to lots of different issues that have occurred and some problems with Bukkit itself.
But this is still a project that I will be involved with up until its release in the first few weeks of October (If everything goes ahead without any major problems.).

I know the last time when we closed Boxcraft I said that I would not close the server again, and I truly want to keep it running.
But this is becoming a major burden and myself and Jordan are tired of trying to keep the community going and putting all the hours we can into this project.

As you are all aware I have been majorly inactive as of recently due to some personal commitments with family and such and do not have the time to manage it, Jordan has his own commitments and things he has to do as well.
We both agreed that we have given it our best shot at trying to make it work but it is just not working as we both hoped and planned.

We have attacked this from various angles and done things differently then when run Boxcraft, the main thing we did diffrently was the advertising and attacking more channels and different areas.

Myself and Jordan would like to thank each and everyone of you for being a part of this community for the past 2 years as it was know as Heretics-Craft and the other 2/3 when it was Boxcraft.

As for the server itself it will be closed stripped down and then I might decide to do something with it, I am really not sure where I want to go with it if anywhere at the moment.

Also regarding the website and the Skype groups will stay open so that you can all keep in touch with one another if you decide to go elsewhere.

But if you would like to check the progress of Project Future and the work I am doing over on Superior Gaming Network, then you can check out there forums by clicking LINK REMOVED.

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indiana01 so the server is not going to be online for a period?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk to you guys about the server and its future and where we are currently are at, as you well know this server is hosted by a friend of mine but we are severely restricted on what we can do.

There is also there is the ongoing invisible lag that seems to keep reappearing and the random crashes that keep happening, earlier this week another friend of mine who I have done some past development work with is starting a new project.

I expressed an interest in what he is currently doing after having a bit of a talk to him we both decided that we merge ideas players and all things alike onto this new server, this will be more beneficial for all parties.

This also means that all players will be able to benefit from the new features and a much more stable server.

But this does however mean in one way the end of Heretics-Craft and our run as an independent server, It has been a fun two years doing this but unfortunately myself Jordan and the rest of the staff have taken this server as far we possibly can on the resources that we currently have access to.

I know that some of you will be curious as to how this is going to work and some of you may be angry or upset but, if you are unsure of anything you can speak to either myself or Jordan and any questions that you have we will try to answer.

At the moment there is a lot of things still in the air and we are trying to get everything sorted, I have provided below a few answers to what I think will be the most commonly asked questions, again if there is anything I haven’t covered then please contact us.

But this is a mammoth task and required a lot of planning and organizing this won’t be an immediate change and will probably take a few weeks for everything to get sorted.

I think currently we are looking at a date of completion for the first week of October this year, but I do know that the other staff are wanting to get this moving as soon as possible.


All current staff will be issued there positions in the new server this is going to work as follows, there will be a server manager for the Survival and PvP worlds this is going to be Jordan he will handle all of the day to day running.

Then there will be global admins and global mods who will kind of keep the peace over the server as a collective, generally you probably won’t see them as often as they will be managing other servers on the network.

And at the top will be a team of system admins which will be myself, Ryan (Wild1145) (Owner of SN) and Camzie99.


All of the current worlds will be reset to mark the start of the new server and also this allows new chunks to form for the 1.8 update, however all existing ranks will be transferred and anyone who was a big builder will be reset to a member.


There might be a slight change in the way that the rules work, to start with we will more than likely have a set of global rules and then have separate rules for each server this is still to be confirmed.


There will be a new two tier donation system and will be separate for each world; you will be able to choose as existing donators, which world you would like to have your donator rank transferred to.

If you would like to upgrade this then you can do so by choosing to upgrade on the new website which will be coming shortly.

A message will be going out shortly to all of the donators regarding this and will require the you’re earliest response, if users fail to decide where they would like this to be transferred to then you will not have your rank when the switch happens and will then need to contact Jordan or myself to fix it.


Hello all,

I am trying to cut down on all the errors on the server and I have noticed a few of the custom login messages are currently not working for some users.

They are four parts that I am checking for with this.

1) That you can set the custom login message.
2) That you can set the custom quit message.
3) That you can see the custom login message on joining the server.
4) That you can see the custom quit message when leaving the server.

The last one I am aware will be harder to check but if someone else is on the server you can have them check its working for you.

If you are experiencing any problems with this then please click

This will take you to the bug tracking page make a post and let me know that everything is working and if you have any problems with this.

Hello everyone there has been lots of changes happening with the server as of recent, myself Jordan and the rest of the staff have all been busy making lots of amendments to the server.

Removal of FFA & Easy-Maze & Spleef -

The first update was to remove Easy-Maze & FFA, we have done this to make room for new content, and also it allows us to replace the mini games that just are not been used.

Also Spleef will be returning in the near future myself and Jordan both agreed that Spleef needs to be re created and we will be doing that at some point in the future.

Bank Heist
This is a new mini game that we are currently developing for the mini games world, the object of this is to have an objective based goal and have two teams.

The first time must defend the gold for the robbers and stop them by any way possible, the second team have to break into the vault retrieve the gold and take this back to there camp to win the game.

The map itself for this has a bit of a more modern feel to it and looks really good you can find a sneak peek of that here.

Auction Plugin -
This was something that was suggested by Seif , you can now auction items and put them up for sale.

I have created a quick tutorial in game on how to auction and bid on items you can find a full guide by clicking here and watch the Youtube video this goes into a lot more depth about the plugin and the commands.

Bug Fixes - A few bug fixes have been made Issues #46 to #49, #51, #53 & #56

Server Utility -
We now have a custom menu for quick teleport and server information, this is currently bound to the compass, It will work for any compass crafted however if you would like a free one then you can go ahead and use the command /server.
This will give you one if you currently do not have one in your inventory.

Due to some changes that PMC have made to there terms of service we have removed all of this content from there website, at this time we have no further plans to re upload our porjects to the website in the future.

Please see the below FAQ I posted earlier on PMC regarding this, as always if you have any questions then please feel free to send me a message or get in contact with me on skype.


Where has it all gone?
All of the content that we had hosted on Planet Minecraft has now been deleted and will not be returning, for the immediate future this has all been backed up onto my hard drive and will be re hosted elsewhere in the future.

Why has this happend?
This has happend because of the changes that PMC have made to there Terms of service which you can find here, regarding the rules relating to uploading content and ownership.

Will I be able to upload the content again to Planet Minecraft?
No any content reissued will be reported to the moderators, because you do not have my permission to do so.

What if I have one of your downloads already?
I have no issue with you using the content for your own server as long as you as always make sure that there is a link back to our server or a mention.